TELEFUNKEN Licht AG to present a new range at the IFA, including driverless LED light modules

TELEFUNKEN Licht AG to present a new range at the IFA, including driverless LED light modules

  • Driverless LED lighting technology is setting new standards in the lighting industry in terms of energy efficiency, output and durability 
  • Offering four product lines, TELEFUNKEN Licht AG aims to become a leading provider on the global lighting market 

Dreieich / Frankfurt am Main, 30 August 2012 – For the first time, TELEFUNKEN Licht AG will be presenting its innovative new range of LED lights at this year´s IFA in Berlin, including driverless LED light modules. This includes four product lines covering the areas of illumination, "Airglow One Light Module", "Centum" LED tubes and LED displays for the media and entertainment sector.


The driverless LED technology developed and patented by TELEFUNKEN Licht AG offers energy and CO2 savings of up to 75 percent. Its significantly enhanced durability and performance are setting new standards on the lighting market. Highlights at the IFA will include the driverless LED light module Airglow One 6000 offering 6,000 lumens and Centum LED tubes with an output of more than 100 lumens per watt.


Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt, CEO of TELEFUNKEN Licht AG said: "With this new driverless LED lighting technology, TELEFUNKEN is setting new standards in the lighting industry. Via our products, we aim to position ourselves as one of the leading providers on the highly-dynamic international lighting market and steadily increase our LED share. The growth potential offered by this market and the rising demand for more efficient and resource-sparing lighting solutions on the part of the industry, private households and the public sector offer an ideal environment for successfully positioning the innovative products developed by TELEFUNKEN Licht AG." According to Mr. Voigt, industry experts anticipate a rise in the LED share of the lighting market from currently around 10 percent to some 60 percent by 2020.


TELEFUNKEN Licht Product Lines

TELEFUNKEN LED Light Modules are realising the next step in evolution of the light module world. They are driverless and as a result, open up new creative possibilities for lamp manufacturers, architects and designers. This patented driverless technology offers significant advantages for consumer, commercial and industrial applications. The absence of a driver makes the modules more cost-effective, sustainable and resource-efficient than conventional LED lighting technology. 


TELEFUNKEN Licht Illumination offers the entire world of lighting devices which in terms of luminosity, functions and form, leave nothing to be desired. TELEFUNKEN Licht AG offers economically beneficial products with short amortisation periods and long lifespans – for both consumer, commercial and industrial use. With their traditionally high-class TELEFUNKEN design, these lamps embellish any room and create new highlights.


TELEFUNKEN Objects (Retrofit) combines cutting-edge technology with  practical solutions for various areas of application. In addition to standard lamps, TELEFUNKEN Objects offers customised solutions for sophisticated demands – from track bed to stadium lighting. 


TELEFUNKEN Media / Entertainment meets professional requirements in the fields of entertainment, infotainment and architainment based on special LED displays. TELEFUNKEN Licht AG therefore holds a relevant market position for applications such as concerts and stage shows, public viewing, large-scale advertising screens and many others.



The new product lines developed by TELEFUNKEN Licht AG will be presented on the TELEFUNKEN IFA Stand 102 in Hall 8.2 and at TELEFUNKEN´s IFA press conference to be held on 30 August 2012 at 5 pm at the ICC Berlin, Virchow Salon.



TELEFUNKEN Licht AG, headquartered in Dreieich near Frankfurt, has operated under its present name since this year. Its shareholders are LIVE Holding AG, sole shareholder in TELEFUNKEN SE, and the Gebrüder Thiele Group which, thanks to the development of driverless LED technology and high-performance solutions, have been able to successful position the company as an innovation leader in the field of LED technology.



Since the company was founded in 1903, the TELEFUNKEN brand has stood for the basic principles of German engineering, namely high quality and innovation. Today, the rights to the trademark are held by a company owned by TELEFUNKEN SE, Frankfurt/Main. Together with companies belonging to the TELEFUNKEN Partner Alliance, a worldwide network of independent enterprises, products reflecting the traditional brand values are developed and distributed in the fields of consumer electronics, hi-fi, major electrical appliances, car entertainment, innovative lighting technologies, smart building /home control, home security, healthcare, IT and communications electronics.



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