Finatech Enterprises SA to become TELEFUNKEN licensing partner in France

  • From May 2014, Finatech is to exclusively market electronic products for intelligent home networking under the TELEFUNKEN brand in France
  • Various alternative packages offer quick and easy multimedia networking in compliance with French standards in every room

Frankfurt am Main / Germany, 4 June 2014 – TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with the French electronics manufacturer, Finatech Enterprises SA. As from May this year, the company based in Riom, Auvergne will be producing and distributing solely for the French market various products for intelligent home networking based on a licence by TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH under the TELEFUNKEN brand. These various alternative packages, will allow home and apartment owners in France to interconnect all electronic appliances quickly and easily via a single box.

By entering into a long-term partnership with Finatech Enterprises SA, TELEFUNKEN Licenses is expanding its Partner Alliance Network in France and opening up a new, innovative group of products in this market for the TELEFUNKEN brand. The electronics manufacturer in Riom, Auvergne is a leading provider of high-quality home multimedia network systems developed and produced under the premises of sustainability, comfort and simple operation. From May 2014 onwards, home networking products under the TELEFUNKEN brand will be available as various packages in DIY stores throughout France. Every product will comply with all French safety and quality standards and can be immediately installed in any new building or as part of a retrofit solution. 

The TELEFUNKEN Basic Package offered by Finatech Enterprises can be connected directly to existing standard communication lines in houses or apartments, providing ports for all conventional internet, telephony, radio and TV systems. The system is designed for immediate use. With the aid of the additionally available TELEFUNKEN Powerline Package, several rooms can also be supplied with wireless telephone and internet connections. Furthermore, a TELEFUNKEN TV Package can be easily combined with the other packages and is available in either an antenna or satellite version. It supports several TV sets simultaneously, while an optional add-on filter shields TV sets against external influences. The system´s central box can be connected to all standard audio and video cables, offering an individual multimedia experience in all rooms.

About FINATECH Enterprises SA

Finatech is a French company specializing in electrical products. It was founded by Hervé Guillaume in 1993 and has its headquarters in Riom / Auvergne. Originally operating as a distributor and brand management company, today Finatech develops and markets high-quality working lights, antennas, circuit breakers, conduits and trunking systems. Based on its high-tech products, the company is focused on innovation and customer satisfaction. Finatech Enterprises has established long-term business relationships with major customers in Europe and intends to expand in the coming years.

About TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH
Since the company was founded in 1903, the TELEFUNKEN brand has stood for the basic principles of German engineering, namely high quality and innovation. Today, the rights to the trademark are held by TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH, Frankfurt/Main. Together with companies belonging to the Telefunken Partner Alliance, a worldwide network of independent enterprises, a wide range of products reflecting the traditional brand values are developed and distributed in the fields of TV, video, audio, smart devices, small & large household appliances, smart home, energy, and more.

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