HiFi Classic “System 310” Tested with Excellent Results

HiFi Classic “System 310” Tested with Excellent Results (Top Marks) – A Veritable Feast for the Ears of Music and Design Aficionados


At IFA 2010, the venerable TELEFUNKEN company launched the first product of its new PerfektAudio Series – HiFi systems developed and designed “in Germany”. Now TELEFUNKEN is already presenting its second HiFi system, hitting top marks in the very first product test.


Frankfurt, 21st December, 2010 – Top marks (Grade 1) for the second time round for a HiFi System from TELEFUNKEN – design aficionados and music experts alike will be thrilled with the superb sound experience, comprehensive features, and top quality of System 310. According to the company’s philosophy, TELEFUNKEN Holding AG offers only products under the TELEFUNKEN brand that reflect the brand’s value by ensuring the premium quality, top design, and innovative technology. The new HiFi System 310 takes the successful HiFi components of the 211 System to the next level.


The System 310 model consists of a power amplifier, a HiFi CD player, a tuner, and an Internet radio. It is equipped with five analogue cinch connectors, one tape-out socket, and one phono MM connection, and features sound control and a mini headphone socket. Needless to say, the system comes with a remote control device. The CD player accommodates all popular standards including CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3-CD. The tuner also receives digital radio programmes and has a memory capacity for 20 radio stations. The system is available either in aluminium brush-finished black or black/grey.


Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt, Chairman of Telefunken Holding AG, explained the corporate strategy of licensing only the very best products from specialists in the different lines of industry: [I would delete this – we don’t really need to point out that this is “merely licensed”.] “Our new HiFi model System 310 meets the high quality requirements associated with the TELEFUNKEN brand in the best possible way. Design, technology, and quality are excellent, the product features are outstanding, and the price is fair.”



The designers of the new PerfektAudio series focused on a straightforward and sophisticated design that will blend smoothly into any residential environment. The clean and simple control element design dispenses with superfluous frills and details. All products in this HiFi range were developed and designed by Intron GmbH based in Nonnweiler. [I would delete this information. It is not really important for the reader.] The products are distributed through authorised TELEFUNKEN PerfektAudio specialist dealers ensuring a high level of advisory expertise, who can also install and set up the system if the customer so desires.