Newspaper clipping interview "Mediaseller Edition 3/2011"

Under one roof

More than 50 different partners are joining in alliance under the roof of Telefunken. Thus, the German traditional brand is positioned multilaterally providing suppliers with a wide trading area.

The brand itself is, despite its almost 15 year long absence from the German market, still known like no other brand, Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt. executive manager of Telefunken says. The Telefunken Holding AG with seat in Frankfurt is connecting this degree of brand familiarity with high-quality products and innovative concepts. It is no surprise that the person managing and pushing forward this concept is the brand and CE-specialist Voigt. The former head of MediaMarkt is extremely well acquainted both with the CE-business and with brand and image building, like only few people in the business. And he owns a particular passion for smart and attracting consumer-electronics products. And it is exactly this demand Telefunken is requiring for its own product and design strategy: stylish-smart, high quality combined with that certain something. The Telefunken partners producing for the brand under license and selling the brand under the label of Telefunken certainly are located all over the world, but they are brought in line with these products and the Quality Guidelines under the exclusive authorization.


"We are no label stickers", Klaus-Peter Voigt says. "We are a German brand for consumer electronics." And the expectations consumers were demanding from Telefunken twenty, thirty years ago, shall also be fulfilled for today's consumers. Therefore, quality and quality control is an essential topic for Voigt. In Germany, the last mentioned is performed in proper "Quality Centres". And the manager has no doubt that the partners are giving their best for the product lines. Also because as independent partners they are investing their own money in the products. And also regarding sales the partners calculate under their own management. And there is another thing supporting the Telefunken philosophy: "We talk with our partner at eye level."


Meanwhile, Telefunken is present in altogether 120 countries. With presently 16 different product categories. These range from the typical LCD-TV-business, in Germany mainly in the 32 inch segment, over sly hifi-combinations to network streaming solutions and TK products. Meanwhile there is even an own accessories range under the label of "Telefunken". In Germany, also the elegant, digital frames are circulating. The head of Telefunken is particularly anxious for the new set-top-speaker-range, which surely will be able to defy the old top dogs. But for Voigt, this doesn't mean to be not even close to as far as we can get. He is envisaging many other product areas. So, at present we are fiddling about with "small domestic appliances" products. After all, abroad we are already present with large-size electrical appliances. The small electrical appliances will probably be launched on the market within the roof-territory during this year. If all turns out well, they will appear also here with us by the end of the year. In Germany, Telefunken at the moment is present in all distribution channels and of course also at Voigt's ex-employer MSH. The brand is and will be present even in the discount and hypermarket channel. However, emphasizes Voigt, the Telefunken products will be streamlined especially to meet the requirements of the respective distribution channels, so that there will be no direct competition. Voigt answers the question of what all will and is to come with a secret smile: "Let's wait and see, we certainly don't want to overstrain the market."